December 5: Holiday Fete

by racheldemy

One major disadvantage to working for yourself is that no one throws a holiday party in your honor. You know, a gracious thank you for all your hard work over the year, manifested in grown up clothes and excessive quantities of alcohol. Sure, we could throw one for ourselves but in my case it would amount to Bruce and I sitting around a punchbowl or a single bottle of champagne. And he doesn’t drink. So, lucky for me (read: both of us), the Stumptown Coffee holiday party is a Portland mainstay. Always over-attended, there was no drinking alone; just me, endless champagne, a mechanical bull and 300 of my closest friends. There are very few reasons to get dressed up in Portland so I jumped on the opportunity. Celebrating the season, friends, life, good work, and vintage wool dresses.


Party Dress

Sgt. Pepper's meets Christmas.