Oakland Avenue Earth Oven Pizza

by racheldemy

The part of traveling I relish more than anything is the privilege of visiting the kitchens of local residents and friends. I can talk for hours about my favorite restaurants in any city but I am often rendered speechless by the many facets of hometown hospitality. The side of Minneapolis I have always noted, the punk rock/DIY scene not at all dictated by fashion (or even music, necessarily), has cultivated a community of humans hellbent on transforming old ideas of home and homemaking. While Minneapolis has great food, I would not yet say it is a culinary destination in the conventional sense. But precisely because of this non-convention, Minneapolis is absolutely thriving when it comes to hospitality.

After a day of riding bikes around lakes and gorging ourselves (okay, myself) on ice cream, we were fortunate enough to be in town on the one day during the week that Oakland Avenue Earth Oven Pizza was doing its thing. “Its thing” being serving pizza from a fiery oven with local CSA ingredients, some meat but mostly vegetarian. We sat in this lovely couple’s backyard and gave them a few duckets for some wine and a pleasantly chewy pizza crust (the pear/sauerkraut with garlic & olive oil was my favorite). Seven or eight of us at any given time sat around the table, talking, enjoying the autumn sunset and welcoming more friends who just happened to show up at the same time. Just about every experience in Minneapolis was like an impromptu family reunion.