The first post on a new blog is often used to illustrate some sort of purpose or mission statement. I want to abstain from doing that, if only to avoid exhausting my ideas before I get to realize them. The internet is an intimidating place, rewarding those who have abnormal amounts of dedication to their craft, hobby, ideal, and the desire to have others participate in those in some form or another.

Often, the mere thought of writing for an audience prevents me from freely posting, over-thinking what I should be writing about, worrying that I’m not posting enough, which makes it all so monolithic that I give up before it even gets going.

So, the purpose of this blog? Snapshots. Bites of what I’m working on, what I’m thinking, what I’m inspired by & c. I’m excited by the prospect of a clean slate and am aiming to ease into it, toe by toe.

Thanks to those who have followed my previous blog and continue to support me in these silly endeavors.